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A bourbon for the strong

The Bearded Lady American Bourbon Range

Bearded Lady American Bourbon is a marking of inner strength and resolute spirit.

The kind that runs deep in America’s heartland. Made with only premium grain to assure a smooth, rich flavour and honour tradition. Whatever way you have it, you’ll discover the strength that lies within.

The history of our
home is the source
of our strength.

The Story

Bearded Lady Bourbon hails from the 5 square mile distillery in Lawrenceburg Indiana, a place where in 1847 the process of distilling smooth american bourbon was perfected.

Make no mistake,
tough isn't taught.

The Bourbon

Bearded Lady Bourbon is
made like it used to be,
with a strength you can taste.

The full Bearded Lady American Bourbon range
Bearded Lady Bourbon and Cola

Bearded Lady Bourbon & Cola. 5% Alc.

Vanilla Oak Flavour and a cola that doesn't overpower the bourbon sweetness. A well rounded and extremely balanced premix option.

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Bearded Lady Bourbon and Cola
Bearded Lady American Bourbon & Cola, 8% alcohol

American Bourbon & Cola 8%

True American bourbon from Indiana. True cola. Perfectly mixed. Delivering a full bourbon that’s smooth and strong, with a cola that knows it’s place - driving the bourbon not overpowering it. The perfect, easy knock-off drink.

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Bearded Lady American Bourbon & Cola, 10% alcohol

American Bourbon & Cola 10%

With strength like no other. Distilled perfectly from a 5 Mile Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Expertly mixed for true bourbon drinkers. Its strength runs deep in both liquid, and character with full bourbon vanilla oak and a cola that doesn’t overpower. Our 10% Bearded Lady Bourbon & Cola will test even the strongest of strong. Can you handle the strength?

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Bearded Lady American Bourbon & Cola, 10% alcohol
Bearded Lady American Bourbon & Cola, 12% alcohol

American Bourbon & Cola 12%

Man-sized 330ml can with less cola; more bourbon! Same authentic awarding-winning premium bourbon blend as 7, 8 and 10% but with even bolder bourbon taste. Bearded lady 12% premix - strong bourbon, strong can. Only the strongest need apply.

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The award winning Bearded Lady American Bourbon bottled spirit

American Bourbon

Unanimously voted best in class 2016 & 2018. Our award winning American bourbon is produced with a high rye content. The mash bill is made of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. This gives our bourbon a spice driven flavour profile with intense aromas of oak, vanilla and spices.


Award winning spirit, including Double Gold at the 2018 & 2016
San Francisco Wine & Spirit Competition (unanimously voted best in class in the competition).

DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018 DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016 SILVER MEDAL International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015 & 2016 BRONZE MEDAL Melbourne International Spirit Competition 2015
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Bearded Lady Bourbon and Cola
Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine

Charred Moonshine

Bearded Lady Charred Moonshine is a 99% corn whiskey (1% malted barley) that is rested in ex Bearded Lady Bourbon barrels. The time in oak rounds out the beautifully spiced un-aged whiskey distillate with subtle caramel and a hint of vanilla. What is surprising is the smoothness and roundness of flavour, making this suitable for classic cocktails and simple mixed drinks. It can also be enjoyed neat or on ice.

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Our spirit
makes great

Mixing & Drinking

Whatever the time or place. Bearded Lady American Bourbon mixes and mingles like no other. From the traditional tried and true, to something a bit different. You’ll find a mixer or cocktail to suit.

Bearded Lady American Bourbon with Cola & Lemon

Bourbon, Cola & Lemon

Bearded Lady American Bourbon and cola sweetness tamed by a swipe of lemon. A bourbon and cola that’s changed out of its overalls into a tie & jacket.

Bearded Lady American Bourbon with Cola

Bourbon & Cola

Matching the oak character of the Bearded Lady American Bourbon with the subtle vanilla notes of the cola for a drink that needs no further embellishment.

Want more? Find many more Bearded Lady American Bourbon inspired cocktails and mixers at

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